The Brockenhurst Village Trust


The Brockenhurst Village Trust is a registered charity which provides educational, recreational and social facilities for the people of Brockenhurst and so is responsible for all the buildings and facilities on the Highwood Road site. The Trust receives no regular income from the Council Tax or Parish precept. The Trust runs the Village Hall through its Village Hall Management Committee which is chaired by a director/trustee of the Board (see separate web page).

The BVT was incorporated in November 2000 and is a registered company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital; the company number is 4108622. It was registered as a charity in March 2001 with the number 1085825. The Trust is therefore subject to the requirements of the Companies Acts and the Charity Commission.

The objects of the Company are to provide educational recreational and other community facilities for the benefit and social welfare of the people of the Civil Parish of Brockenhurst in Hampshire (“the area of benefit”) by charitable means. In furtherance of these objects the Company has a variety of powers laid down in the Memorandum of Association. In the event of the Company being wound up the Brockenhurst Parish Council will become the effective owner.

Prior to the year 2000, the Village Hall, the car park in front of the building and the area occupied by the playground were the property of the Village Hall and subsequently the Trust since 1983. The original Hall was made possible by a number of voluntary contributions and has been the beneficiary of many local residents wishing to see the creation of a community facility for Brockenhurst. The remainder of the Highwood Road site was the property of Hampshire County Council and was for some years occupied by the Brockenhurst County High School. The Trust was created in order to acquire ownership of the remainder of the site which currently houses the new Scout Building and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) as well as the land extending to the Doctors’ car park, which is also owned by the Trust.


The Board of Trustees (members/directors) are responsible for the management of the Company/Trust, the maximum number of members being eleven, two nominated by the Brockenhurst Parish Council, two representing user organisations and seven nominated by members of the general public within the area of benefit. The powers and responsibilities of the Board are laid down in the Articles of Association which can be made available on request along with the Memorandum of Association. Currently the Board meets at least quarterly with the Annual General Meeting in July being held as a General Meeting open to any members or others wishing to attend.

The approved minutes of the meetings of the Board are published as part of the Trustees’ web page. Click here to view


John Wingham
Bruce Read

Susan Hunter

Tony Fessler Treasurer & Secretary

Derek Bucknall
Anna Rogers 
Melanie Edwards