We are again looking for your nominations for three outstanding local people in our third Brockenhurst Citizens of the Year Awards.

Please download and complete a form to nominate your choice of…

There are three award categories: –

Brockenhurst Neighbour or Friend of the Year – given for an exceptional friendly and neighbourly act to an individual or family. Examples could include an individual who has:

  • helped in a crisis or emergency or helped with activities they can’t do themselves.  
  • a care worker who has gone beyond the call of duty.
  • a delivery person who’s spotted something and reported it and stopped a calamity.
  • or in any other way helped a friend and/or been a good neighbour.

Contribution to Brockenhurst Life – given for a wider exceptional contribution to the life or reputation of Brockenhurst. This may be and individual who is or has been:

  • a team manager, coach, captain who’s worked to promote their team and the village.
  • someone who has contributed to a specific activity in the village such as Church life or a young persons’ organisation to the betterment of the community.
  • arranged or contributed to an environmental initiative which has improved the village.
  • or in any other way made Brockenhurst a better place to live.

Young Person of Brockenhurst – given to any person under 18 best recognised for a generous, courageous, or selfless act. For example, a young person who has:

  • helped someone who is infirm/has a disability with regular shopping and/or chores etc.
  • achieved an outstanding result in sport or academia.
  • helped others to come together for example to join a sports team or form a group
  • regularly performed a service in difficult circumstances such as delivery in all weathers
  • or in other ways acted with kindness, generosity or taken responsibility beyond their years to make life better for someone else within the community.

Note: We need permission of the young person’s parent/guardian for this category under privacy rules

The Judges for this years’ awards will be the Chair of Brockenhurst Parish Council, The Vicar of St Nicholas and St Saviour’s churches and the Chair of Brockenhurst Village Trust; their collective decision will be final. Trustees of the Brockenhurst Village Trust may submit a nomination but are not eligible themselves to be proposed and nor are the judges (any such entries will be discounted).

As well as the description, the number of nominations for an individual (if more than one) will also be taken into consideration. Previous entrants and winners are eligible. You may only make one nomination for each person you propose. However, you may enter different people in the three categories, each on a separate form.

Please be aware that this competition and its result will receive publicity. The winners will be notified and will subsequently receive their award in person or online at a location and a date to be decided.

Further information and details of the Privacy Policy as required by GDP Regulations, are available on the Brockenhurst Village Trust website: http://brockenhurstvillage.org.uk.