Local Lockdown Exhibition – Celebrating Creativity during Extraordinary Times


We invite you to document your life during this ongoing lockdown.

You may have been inspired by new routines or talents discovered, objects in your home that have become all too familiar, or surprisingly important: food, birds, nature or whatever it is that you are looking forward to when the lockdowns and restrictions finally end.

Anything goes – use paper or any other medium e.g. tree bark, crochet, etc – let your imagination run wild… Give your work a title and a short description of what it means to you. Add your name, contact details and if you can tell, us what inspired you to create the piece of art, or how it is significant to you. This will really help to bring your art to life for the observers.

The images will automatically scroll below.

Once you’ve created your art, scan or photograph it and send to art@brockenhurstvillage.org.uk so it can be added to our online art exhibition.

You can also post it us. Use the post box on the left of the hall entrance or send to: Brockenhurst Village hall, Highwood Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7RY.

We will be displaying them in our windows so while we are still in lockdown come and enjoy them during your daily exercise routine.

Add a loop around our carpark to your walk, run or cycle. If you can’t make it to the hall click on the link below and enjoy the art from your home.

Here is how to send us your artwork:

  • Email/Scan: Send to art@brockenhurstvillage.org.uk and we’ll print and display them for you.
  • If you have trouble sending your art, we will try to collect if local, just let us know by emailing, art@brockenhurstvillage.org.uk


There will be a display of all works at the Village Hall plus an online display during 2021.